Würzburg → Regensburg

Our lab moved from the Institute for Virology and Immunobiology at the University of Würzburg at the new Faculty for Informatics and Data Science at the University of Regensburg. We are absolutely excited and look forward to all future challenges.

5 new papers out

Collaboration with Cochain-lab: Integrated single-cell analysis-based classification of vascular mononuclear phagocytes in mouse and human atherosclerosis


Collaboration with Schlosser lab: Extending the Mass Spectrometry-Detectable Landscape of MHC Peptides by Use of Restricted Access Material


Collaboration with Fischer lab: An unusual mode of baseline translation adjusts cellular protein synthesis capacity to metabolic needs


Collaboration with Dölken lab: Two murine cytomegalovirus microRNAs target the major viral immediate early 3 gene


Collaboration with Dölken lab: pUL36 Deubiquitinase Activity Augments Both the Initiation and the Progression of Lytic Herpes Simplex Virus Infection in IFN-Primed Cells


Preprint on grandR online

A preprint on our grandR package is now on bioRxiv. It offers easy access to all different kind of downstream analysis for nucleotide conversion RNA-seq data (such as SLAM-seq or TUC-seq), and introduced new computational methodology for quality control and temporal recalibration as well as a Bayesian hierarchical model to analyze synthesis and degradation rates from single snapshot experiments as well as changes thereof. Thanks Teresa and Lygeri for a major effort!